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To download and enjoy all the benefits of the fully functional Blackjack Toolpack software you must first register with us. Registration is free and will take only a couple of minutes.

Once you have registered you will have FREE access to:-

Our 'Getting Started' tutorial - a step-by-step guide to playing online blackjack that includes:-

  • How to set up a Neteller Account
  • How to join an online casino
  • Full Guide to the benefits and pitfalls of the online Casino's bonus and promotional schemes
  • How to play online Blackjack
  • Find a Casino

Our extensive Help index including:-

  • Basic Blackjack Strategy - What it is and how to use it.
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Bonus and Promotional Schemes
  • House Edge - What it is and how to beat it

If you are a complete beginner it would be worth following the 'Getting Started' tutorial, opening a Neteller account, registering at a few casinos and having a few rounds of practice play before returning to download the Blackjack Toolpack.